10000 watt hub motor

Our company is one of the prime manufacturers and suppliers of BLDC Hub Motors that are made using high-quality raw material sourc We provide a wide range of Hydraulic Hub Motor that are known in the market for its efficient functioning and reliability. These a A largest torque: N. M Longest mileage: KM Battery This product will include below items.

Hub motor volt - watt Motor Type: Brushless Direct C Fostered with huge understanding in this business arena, we are readily immersed in providing to our customers a praiseworthy spec List of part included We are involved in offering our customers a broad array of BLDC Hub Motor which are precisely designed by our industry experts. We are engaged in exporting, distributing, trading and supplying excellent quality Brushless Hub Motor to our valuable clients. We are offering our customer a wide range of Hub Motor And Motor Drive, which are manufactured from high grade quality raw materia This wheel motor is compact, High-performance brushless motor, incorporating ball bearing construction, a low cogging electro-magn The wheel hub motor is an e X This site uses cookies.

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10000 watt hub motor

Please check our products catalog and confirm the motor type and specification before place order, and type selection as possible as standard specifications shown in catalog. For motor frame size, power, voltage, speed, exciting method, exciting voltage and mounting form, should be mentioned clear in sales contract. LTP Y Series watt electric motor. LTP Y Series three phase induction motor Y series motor is totally enclosed and fan cooled three phase squirrel cage induction motor.

The Y connection for motor of 3kw and below. And delta connection for 4kw and above. Precise mini 15v 5 watt fan electric motor rpm. A:Where is your loading port 9 B:Ningbo port or Shanghai port.

We are willing to cooperate with the friends in all circles to create a new miracle. High quality cheapest wholesale watt electric motor. Because of its rugged construction and reliable operation, the three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motor is widely used for many industrial applications.

OEM MS series watt electric motor. After service: 2 years guarantee for all spare parts, once burnt during this time, we will send you a new for free. RS 12 18 volt electric rpm chargeable 40 watt dc motor.

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10000 watt hub motor

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New Bafang Ultra - W Torque sensored motor! Thread starter roshan Start date Oct 4, Tags biktrix ultra. Designed similar to the Bafang Max, this is the most powerful torque sensored motor in the market today! Nice looking bike. The inner tubes look a bit over exposed. I like racks with 2 level rails. A: They accommodate panniers of different sizes, but B : more importantly, I can hang mine high enuff to avoid heel strike with my size 14 feet.

It makes it difficult if not impossible to hang on my inframe rack. You pretty much have to have a bottom mount rack if you want to take the bike somewhere beyond it's basic range. Many of those aren't really suitable for fat bikes. As a concept I like mid-drives, but they're useless if you snap a chain,whereas a rear hub motor can still get you home.

Another thing, which includes most stock fats, is the non-adjustable stem. Unless you replace it, you're stuck with a position that may not fit you physically or your chosen riding position.

With a watt motor,I'd really prefer 17ah.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Description EnerTrac is pleased to offer, arguably the most powerful hub motor currently for sale to the upgrade market and readily available to the general public for gas to electric motorcycle conversions.

This motor was designed to make the gas to electric motorcycle conversion easy, with such features as a 60mm O. What is required with a motorcycle conversion using a hub motor is the design of a torque arm that prevents the axle from rotating. This Torque Arm was designed for direct integration into most motorcycles swing arms. Other features of this design that stand out when compared with other hub motors are large mounting area and easy mounting of a Disc Rotor, and high efficiency design.

No other hub motor on the market today is design exclusively for the motorcycle conversion market. The motor uses a higher voltage, lower current design to minimize losses from wire heating. It is able to achieve 10KW continuous and up to 30KW peak. The motor is thermally protected when using the recommended Sevcon Controller to prevent overheating and burn out. The Hub motor is designed for motorcycles weighing less than pounds with the batteries dry weight, no rider.

EnerTrac does not guarantee voltage and current specifications, but provide them as a guide to help the customer chose the correct battery for their build. For assistance with selecting the right components for your project, please use the appropriate form:. Air Cooled Liquid Cooled. Liquid Cooling kits. Motor Mounts Vehicle Adapter Plates. You have no items in your shopping cart.

For assistance with selecting the right components for your project, please use the appropriate form: Land Vehicle Worksheet Marine Craft Worksheet. Call for Price. Product Inquiry. Please contact us for ordering information.

10000 watt hub motor

Land Vehicle Worksheet.We have thought about offering this kit for years, have a great relationship with Mac motor, but were not satisfied pairing it with a brick sized, ugly, and low power ebike controller typical for ebike kits like this. It was only after 6 months of development, optimizing the Mac Motor, paired with the BAC controller that we were satisfied with a product worthy Luna name.

10000 watt hub motor

Available in both a 6 turn and 12 turn options. The 6 turn is for high speed, the 12 turn is for massive torque, hill climbing, and weight carrying capacity. Accepts disk brake and 7 speed freewheel with standard mm rear dropout, and will work with mm steel rigid forks. Because of its tuned ASI fov sine wave controller, the power comes on silky smooth, and we are able to run a lot of amps through the motor very reliably. Power comes on nice and smooth as not to strip its gears, and if the motor starts to get too warm the ASI is programmed to dial back the power.

Speeds of 30mph are easily obtainable with the 6 turn motor, the 12 turn motor top speed is typical around 23mph but is perfect for pedicabs, tough hill climbing and other demanding applications. The top speed will depend on the wheel diameter with larger wheels having a higher top speed, but less torque. We had this motor custom made to handle high power w at 52 volts.

10000w hub motor

This is unheard of in a motor this small. Because the power of the motor does not go through the drivetrain you will have less chain wear issues than you would with a mid drive. Is it possible to use PAS. Thank you, BR, Rainer. Fill in your email below to request a new password. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. Share: facebook email printer.

Current stock: 0. The most advanced high speed geared hub motor technology available on the market today. The latest version of the Mac motor with upgraded phase wires, thin laminates, and temperature sensor. Temperature shut down features keep your motor safe at high power. Small diameter 5 inches fits behind disk brake for stealth.

HubSink cooling explained by Sketch Coleman - High Power Hub Motor Hack Electric Bike

Luna made wiring harness for super simple installation. Compatible with any of our 48, 52 and 60 volt batteries. Programmed for W continuous 90amps Peak, 1 minute 70 amps RMS, 30A continuous Professionally built into the wheel of your choosing add 2 week lead time. Add a Review Name:. Email Address:.

New 10000W 17inch In-Wheel Hub Motor with 6.0×17 Rim

Related Products Out of stock.In earlya few E-bike hot-rodders took a risk and bought a very large hubmotor direct from a Chinese company called MXUS, and the results were so good, this large hubmotor is now growing in popularity. For many years, the MXUS company has manufactured hubmotors for other companies to put their names on the sideplates, but…a couple of years ago, they began selling them under their own name.

I first heard about the MXUS company a few years ago, when a popular E-bike kit company called em3ev. The customers seemed to be happy with them, but the motor that really got E-bike builders talking about MXUS, is when they began selling a model they called their W hubmotor. MXUS is located in Chang Zhou just west of Shanghaiand they have been a long-time manufacturer of hubmotors for several branded retail companies that make electric bikes.

Apparently, a few years ago they decided to also begin selling their products directly to the public under their own name.

This size has evolved to be a very popular direct drive hubmotor diameter for many companies, because…if you were to make a hubmotor larger in diameter, it would require either cast spokes, or a radial lacing of conventional spokes. Hubmotors that have a larger diameter than this have been tried by several manufacturers, and even though the larger diameter increases the leverage of the magnets acting on the wheel which produces more torque per the same wattsvery few customers have wanted cast spokes between the motor and wheel rim or a radial lacing pattern.

If a company decides to settle on making hubmotors of a specific diameter, they can manufacture several models that all use the same side-plates and stator laminations. They can then vary the models by making the stator wider to allow more amps, or… narrower to keep the weight lighter and the cost lower plus a narrower motor allows more gear-sprockets to be mounted.

The stator is shown here with a listed 45mm wide lamination stack, pic courtesy of e4bike. Due to how wide the stator is, there is only enough room to add a single-speed freewheel. The larger copper mass also allows this hubmotor to use a massive amount of amps without overheating.

The 12T freewheel shown is a desirable option to order. The picture below shows two almost identical stators from Crystalyte hubmotors. Australia at Hyena Electric Bikes. The brutal acceleration and high amps he uses on every turn of the track got the H hubmotor too hot, and it was hot enough that the clear epoxy insulation on the copper wires of the coils broke down and shorted the motor notice the dark discoloration. Here are two almost identical stators from Crystalyte hubmotors.

The near-identical Crown motor has a significant amount of added weight in aluminum used in the stator support spokes, and the aluminum rim just underneath the steel lamination-stack that forms the electro-magnets of the stator. There are many factors affecting how many peak amps you can use, and how frequently and how long you can use them.

The main point of the aluminum in the stators central support is that…you can use more ampsand use them longer than the original 1st version V1. The second version V2 also has thinner laminations to make the motor more efficient 0. The motor cable exits the motor inside the frame drop-outs, instead of through a hollow axle-tip. The old style method of having the motor cable exiting through the tip of a hollow axle. In the pic above, you can see the type of damage that can easily happen to the motor cables when an E-bike falls over.

The old common method of having the motor cable exit the motor through a hollow axle-tip makes it more vulnerable in accidents. Not to mention that axles that are as hollow as shown here are somewhat weaker. The axles on large direct drive hubmotors have gotten beefier over the years, and the MXUS W axle certainly qualifies. Pic courtesy of ES member madin The trend for off-road E-bikes is to move the motor out of the rear wheel and onto the frame, to make the bike more nimble when crawling over obstacles and taking big jumps.

A problem from the past was that…if an E-bike with a heavy rear hub ever hit a pothole or landed a big jump, the axle might bend. Because of this, all the popular big rear hubs have gradually beefed up their axles. Damage to spokes and axles can also be eased if you use a full-suspension frame, rather than a hard-tail an of course, fatter tires rather than skinny tires. The MXUS W V2 axle still uses 10mm wide flats, so it can fit in common bicycle drop-outs, but the other dimension is much thicker.

The three hall sensors and a temp sensor on the left. The three hall sensors allow the throttle to exert a very subtle control over the three phase motor at low speeds, when using a sensored controller.I have a Razor Ground Force that is currently 24v, w. I am going to upgrade it for more torque and higher top speed. I am trying to understand how changing the voltage upgrade to 36v or 48v compares with upgrading the motor wattage w, w, or w.

I understand the basic of voltage times amperage equals watts. But how does this affect a scooter or go kart? What if you replace a w 24v running at 24v system with a w 48v running at 48v system? Will a higher voltage motor with the same wattage have more torque? Longer battery life? What if you replace a w 24v running at 24v system with a w 24v running at 24v system? Will a higher wattage motor with the same voltage have more torque?

So I am trying to decide if I should upgrade the big three battery, controller, motor to 36 or 48v. I don't plan on over-volting but rather use gearing to do it right. I am also trying to decide if I should upgrade the motor to a higher wattage?

But I don't know how these factors interact. If the motor is being ran on its factory rated Voltage then the motor's Watts rating determines the amount of torque and horsepower that it will have when used in conjunction with a controller that has the same Watts rating as the motor.

A controller with the same Voltage rating and a higher Watts rating than the motor can be used and the power of the motor will then be increased however the motor will then be more prone to overheating because more Watts will be supplied to it than it was designed to continuously handle.

It is best to match the Watt ratings of the motor and controller for the highest reliability. So in a nutshell if the motor is not being overvolted then the Voltage of the system does not effect the amount of power that the motor will produce, and only the Watts rating of the motor and controller will effect the motor's power.

A 24 Volt, 36 Volt, and 48 Volt Watt motor will all have the same amount of torque and horsepower, and a 24 Volt, 36 Volt, and 48 Volt Watt motor will all have the same amount of torque and horsepower.

New Bafang Ultra - 1000W Torque sensored motor!

The battery life is determined by the Voltage of the pack and the Ah rating of the batteries in the pack. For example a 24 Volt battery pack made with two 12V 10Ah batteries will have half the run time as a 48 Volt battery pack made with four 12V 10Ah batteries if both battery packs are running a controller and motor with the same Watts rating. Since you are not planning to overvolt the motor then the Voltage of the system will not effect the power of the motor and any Voltage can be used without a change in power.

Other factors can effect the decision for which Voltage to use though such as the size and number of batteries and how they will fit on the vehicle. For example two 22Ah batteries for a 24 Volt pack might not fit well onto the cart, while three 15Ah batteries for a 36 Volt pack might fit good onto the cart, making the 36 Volt pack a better choice for the build in that case. Upgrading the motor to a higher Wattage would be the only reason I can think of to modify the cart, as installing a new motor with the same Wattage would not improve the performance of the cart.