Cartoon elements worksheet answers

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Email or call our support team with any issues or questions — we are here for you 24X7.The setting of the story is the time and place that it occurs. Every story has a setting. The setting helps to create the mood of the story.

It influences how readers feel about the text. I will give you an example to show you how much setting may affect the mood of the story. Imagine a story about a girl and a boy playing hide-and-seek. Pretend that the conflict in this story is that the girl cannot find the boy no matter how hard she looks.

The setting of this story will have a huge impact on the mood, or how readers feel while reading the text. If this story took place in a candy shop during the day, it might have a happy or playful mood. But if this story took place at a cemetery during the night, the mood would be down right frightening.

Being able to identify when and where the story is taking place is a basic reading comprehension skill. Here are a sampling of worksheets to help students practice identifying settings. In each worksheet students read a variety of short texts and then must infer the setting based on close reading. Then they must explain their answers. These worksheets are great practice for determining the setting of a story.

112 Elements of Periodic Table with super hero characteristics

I have also included a PowerPoint lesson on setting. This lesson contains definitions, examples, and useful tips.

112 Cartoon Elements Make Learning The Periodic Table Fun

There is also a practice activity after the lesson. I hope that these resources help students master the skill of interpreting literary settings. Setting Worksheet 1 — In this double-sided worksheet, students read short stories. They determine the setting based on textual details and explain their answers.In this primary source analysis worksheet, students examine a political cartoon by Dr.

Seuss about World War II and then respond to 5 short answer questions. Save time and discover engaging curriculum for your classroom. Reviewed and rated by trusted, credentialed teachers. Get Free Access for 10 Days! Curated and Reviewed by. Lesson Planet. Reviewer Rating. This Dr. More Less. Additional Tags.

cartoon elements worksheet answers

Resource Details. Grade 8th - 12th. Resource Types Worksheets 3 more Audiences For Teacher Use 1 more Start Your Free Trial Save time and discover engaging curriculum for your classroom. Try It Free. What famous children's author and illustrator created World War II political cartoons featuring such subjects as fascism, the war effort, discrimination, and the dangers of isolationism?

The who in this story is Dr. Seuss, and what Political Cartoons Lesson Planet. As part of a study of the skills needed to become informed citizens, class members examine political cartoons. Students analyze political cartoons. In this colonial America lesson plan, students examine the provided political cartoons and respond to analytical questions about each of them. Cartoons for the Classroom: The Political Dr. Seuss Lesson Planet. A thought-provoking activity doesn't prompt learners to analyze a political cartoon, but rather the importance of political cartoonists in general.

They work together and discuss the role cartoonists play in the democratic system.Herb Block, the Pulitzer Prize—winning editorial cartoonist, chronicled American history from the stock market crash to the end of the millennium.

He used his cartoons to bring attention to the role of government, the ideals of democracy, and the plight of the everyman. Directions: Students should review the Herblock cartoon on Worksheet A, as well as read, review, and interpret Herblock editorial cartoons on the classroom poster.

The Library of Congress suggests analyzing political cartoons using the following criteria:. As a class, students should brainstorm artistic and descriptive elements, such as labeling, caricature, juxtaposition, metaphor, shading, and line, that they notice in the cartoons.

Students will then read Worksheet A and answer the questions. Directions: Break students into groups of three to four and ask them to brainstorm words that relate to the term democracy. They should then research and locate two primary documents that describe and reference the democratic process. These documents can include, but are not exclusive to, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address.

Using Worksheet B, students will then create individual editorial cartoons illustrating threats to democracy. Download Student Worksheets A and B. Check this box to send yourself a copy of the email. Scholastic respects your privacy. We do not retain or distribute lists of email addresses.In this lesson, students will analyze 16 political cartoons drawn by Clifford and Jim Berryman during the early to midth century.

They will search through the Constitution and associate each cartoon with a specific clause. Through networking exercises, students will analyze all 16 cartoons and read the entire Constitution. They will learn about the outline and structure of the Constitution, as well as the content of many of its clauses.

Understanding the Constitution is a vital element of the study of U. History and American government. Additionally, studying political cartoons allows students to enhance the social studies skills of understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating information. Answer Key for Worksheet 2.

Articles of the U. This lesson features 16 political cartoons that highlight key constitutional principles. The Center for Legislative Archives maintains approximately 2, original pen-and-ink drawings by cartoonists Clifford K. Berryman and his son, Jim Berryman, in the U.

Senate Collection. Clifford and Jim Berryman were among Washington's best-known and most-admired graphic political commentators from to Clifford K.

Elements, periodic table Worksheet

Berryman drew for the Washington Post from untiland then for the Evening Star from until his death in His son, Jim, joined the Evening Star in and drew for the paper until his retirement inwinning a Pulitzer Prize in Berryman cartoons touched on a variety of subjects including politics, Presidential and congressional elections, both World Wars, and even Washington weather.

Note: Students new to the study of the Constitution may begin by completing step 1 of the lesson Teaching Six Big Ideas in the Constitution.

Direct students to work individually to annotate the transcript of the Constitution by labeling each of the seven articles of the Constitution with a statement of its main topic. Conduct a class discussion of how the Constitution is organized and how its articles are subdivided.

Divide the students into two or three large groups depending on class size and distribute a set of the 16 political cartoon facsimiles to each large group. Every student in the group should be given enough cartoons so that all 16 are assigned, e. Direct students to complete Worksheet 1 individually by analyzing each of the political cartoons assigned to him or her.

When students have completed Worksheet 1, direct them to complete columns 1—3 of Worksheet 2 individually. Students should analyze their assigned cartoon s to complete columns 1 through 3.The idea behind these worksheets is to use the element letters to make words.

The first few worksheets give you the element numbers, so all you have to do is look on the table to find the corresponding letters. The last two worksheets give you the letters only - and you need to find out the element numbers instead.

The worksheets really get your kids looking at the periodic tableand they should end up with a good idea of where all the elements are placed around it! Why not cut up a copy of the Periodic Table and see if your teens can make their own worksheets?

How many words can they find? What is the longest word? Click here to read my Privacy Policy. Need a copy of the table? Get a printable periodic table of elements chart to use with your worksheet. First Name optional. I am at least 16 years of age. I have read and accept the privacy policy.

cartoon elements worksheet answers

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The opportunities and suggestions as well as the need to inspire are exactly what I have been searching to fulfill!!Click here to find out! Then go through this powerpoint to test your knowledge! You will research a mineral using the internet in order to complete a mineral information report and create a Mighty Mineral cartoon. Complete the Mineral Mineral Information Sheet provided to you using the internet as a resource.

Be sure to use at least two websites. List the URL address of each website you used under "Sources. Create a cartoon for your element.

cartoon elements worksheet answers

The advertisement must include the mineral's name, chemical formula, and a cartoon slogan that describes one or more of its important uses. You must also include pictures or a cartoon character that relates to your slogan. Advertisements must be neat and colorful. Search this site. Fireworks Webquest. Mighty Minerals. Playdoh Mountains. Adapted form Mighty Minerals T.

Your cartoons should illustrate important uses for the minerasl in a "superhero" format, such as Mighty Fluority or Iron Man. Procedure: 1. The Quiz! Trimpe, T. Task: You will research a mineral using the internet in order to complete a mineral information report and create a Mighty Mineral cartoon.