Honkai impact tier list reddit

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Ai-chan's Valhalla: Dirac. Ai-chan's Arsenal: Undine's Tale. Swallowtail Phantasm Guide. Ai-chan's Arsenal: [Swan Ksdensity matlab. Ai-chan's Arsenal: [Sleeping Beauty]. Ai-chan's Valhalla: [Nobel]. Become a shining star! It's show time! Augmented [Valkyrie Bladestrike] Guide.

Phantom Iron Rita Guide. Ai-chan's Valhalla [Robert Peary]. Ai-chan's Arsenal [Skadi Ondurgud]. Ai-Chan's Valhalla Thales. Ai-Chan's Arsenal Aphrodite.Armadas are Honkai Impact 3rd's equivalent to "guilds. It is highly recommended that all players join armadas as soon as possible. There are numerous benefits to doing so including receiving currencies that can be used to obtain items from the Exchange ShopStandard Supply Cardsrare 4-star upgrade materials, and valkyrie fragments.

To join an armada, your captain level must be level 10 or higher. To start an armada, your captain level must be 30 or higher.

Leaders can set a level requirement for the armada as well as whether the armada will automatically accept members as long as their captain level is high enough.

To rank up an armada, the armada must have the appropriate amount of funds and fame accumulated to pay for the rank up. However, armadas must upgrade both Cabins and Warehouses so that they can raise their maximum Fame and Funds limits to allow for holding enough Fame and Funds to rank up. Every day, in addition to weekly duty points, players can also gain armada contribution by completing daily missions. The entire armada can claim rewards such as coins, Ranger Reputation, and 25 Crystals after reaching certain accumulated armada contribution.

Each player can accrue armada contribution a day. The entire armada will require a week to gain all rewards. The missions can be found below:. Armada members can collaborate to fulfill commissions from various companies by turning in various obtainable items. Commissions can ask for a wide range of items such as EXP chips, enhance materials, Infinity Abyss witness items, stigmatas, and weapons.

When turning in items to fulfill commission requests, players will obtain funds, fuel, ranger reputation, and various other items for the armada. These items are pooled together before the end of the day and distributed based on each member's contributions for that day.

Better items are rewarded for harder to obtain items, and the rarest rewards are reserved for fully completing commissions. Armada members can request items to be donated by fellow armada members here. Depending on the item, a fee of Ranger Reputation and coins are required. Some items may also require a certain captain level to be requested for donation.

If an armada member donates an item to another member, they will receive the ranger reputation used for the fee and funds for the armada. Each member can only donate up to 5 times a day. Building warehouses and upgrading them increases the armada's funds capacity. Please be aware that not all in-game items are available to be requested.

To see the full list, please check the in-game list. Communication hubs allow members to view the member list and increase the member capacity of the armada when built and upgraded. You can perform various actions similar to your own friends list here like view information on other members, their funds and fame contributed for the week, add them as friends, and access their profiles. For leaders and vice leaders, viewing the member list often is a good way to see which players are not active or need to be kicked.

However, keep in mind that because of the way numbers are displayed, some members may only show 3 digits for contributed funds and fame because the 4th digit is truncated or cut off.

Boss Invasion is a cooperative armada activity where members may join in and battle against a formidable boss for rewards.Need some help keeping track of your fragments? Check out FilipeKun's spreadsheet! To go up in rank, you simply need the required amount of Fragments.

Then go to the Valkyrja menu from the Bridge, select the Battlesuit, and tap the banner on the left that shows their current rank and level. On the right you will get the option to "Evolve" if you have enough Fragments, or you can see how many Fragments you currently have towards the total needed.

Evolution is the amount of Fragments required to Evolve a Battlesuit up to the next rank, for example, Evolving a Standard B-rank to A-rank requires 20 fragments.

Honkai Impact 3 : จัดอันดับตัวละครน่าเล่น (Tier list)

Unlock is the amount of Fragments required to unlock the Battlesuit if you have not already unlocked their card through a supply. Conversion Amount is how many Fragments are given when a Battlesuit you already have unlocked is drawn in a supply. Fragments for every B and A rank Battlesuit that are not awakened Gyakushinn Miko and Wolf's Dawn are available in multiple places, including:. On the other hand, S-rank Battlesuit Fragments are more difficult to get.

Please consult the table below for specific locations for upgrade Fragments for each Battlesuit. Sign In. Continuing Issues File encryption is remaining to be an issue and miHoYo has not yet offered a solution so many images will remain missing. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. From Honkai Impact 3 Wiki.

honkai impact tier list reddit

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This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. File encryption is remaining to be an issue and miHoYo has not yet offered a solution so many images will remain missing. Valkyrie Chariot. Snowy Sniper. Yamabuki Armor. Wolf's Dawn.Melee Burst DPS. Gains SP by evading and attacking. Ultimate: Unparalleled destructiveness. In the Xuanyuan storyline chapter, a cursed her spirit enters Murata Himeko's body, creating the Psychic type Blood Rose battlesuit.

Blood Rose's attacks add additional combo hits based on how much she charges her attack. When fully charged, her ignore interrupt stat will be increased. Blood Rose's evasion skill is called Blood Pirouettewhich allows Himeko to unleash a fully charged attack upon performing an ultimate evasion. The attacker whose attack was evaded will also explode, dealing fire damage to all nearby enemies.

In the team leader position, Himeko can use the Blood Waltz skill, which increases the whole team's charged attack damage. When the battlesuit types of all 3 characters are different, all damage will also be increased.

May benefit from leader skill. During evasion, unleash a horizontal sweep attack at the enemy. CD: 5s. If the spinning slash hits the enemy, gain 5 SP to self. After spinning slash, tap the [ATK] button when the flashing circle appears on the character to directly unleash a charged attack. Triggers QTE when enemy is stunned.

Activates burst mode: Blood Wrath. Continuously consumes HP with time. To cancel: press the Ultimate button again or switch characters. Sideways dodge to evade enemy attacks. Can be triggered 2 times in a row. CD: 15s. The fire ring lasts for 6. Charging unleashes an empowered ATK sequence. Sign In. Continuing Issues File encryption is remaining to be an issue and miHoYo has not yet offered a solution so many images will remain missing.

honkai impact tier list reddit

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. From Honkai Impact 3 Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. After activating her Blood Wrath ultimate skill, Blood Rose will continuously burn her own HP, but can initiate charged attacks that deal fire damage. During the skill's duration, she will also have reduced damage received, as well as stun, paralysis, and freeze immunity.The Dormitory is a feature in Honkai Impact 3rd that allows Captains to interact with chibi versions of their favorite Valkyries or Stigmata.

The Dorms can be customized with a large array of furniture and even allows for additional rooms and change of setting.

Relax with your favorite characters in Honkai Impact 3rd!

First free S rank in Honkai! - A guided look with my suggestions

The three keys to a happy and health dorm environment are the three C's: ComfortCraftingand Cuties! Let's take a look at all three! Of course, nothing in life is free. If you're low on materials, be sure to check out the Dormitory StoreCaptain! The Dorm Renovation and Comfort levels are the scores that allow Captains to expand their dorms. Renovating allows more pieces of furniture to be placed in each room, and in some cases even allows for more rooms to be built.

honkai impact tier list reddit

Dorm Renovation Levels Use building materials to renovate your dorm. Each renovation will add 1 yellow bar of renovation progress towards your current renovation level. Each renovation level requires 6 bars of renovation progress and is only applied to one room. Completing renovation progress will increase the limit on the number of furniture displayed.

Memorial Arena

A higher renovation level will also increase the number of Valkyries that can move in and will increase dorm energy. Displaying furniture in the dorm will increase the comfort level. The dorm comfort level is the total comfort level of all dorm rooms including the common area. Once the dorm comfort level reaches a certain number, the comfort level rating will increase. The comfort level rating affects the rate of regeneration of dorm energy.

A higher rating will increase the rate of regeneration. Comfort level rating will also be shown as a prefix before the Captain's dorm name. Dormitory Facilities Dorm Facilities are different machines in the common area that allow you to perform various tasks to help in the main game.

Stigmata and weapon upgrades are available, as well as Battlesuit level and SP training. You can even stockpile stamina to have ready later! The energy center is unlocked by default, and upgrading it will unlock other facilies.First, download the game for your device.

After downloading the game on iOS or Android, you must sign in to or make an account. You may use miHoYo's system, Google, or Facebook. Before making an account, note if you are on the correct region. It will either say Americas or Europe in the upper right corner of the sign-in screen see below. If you intend to reroll for a S rank battlesuit, or a specific battlesuit, it's best to create iterative miHoYo accounts for example, Account1, Account2, etc As with most mobile games, there is a section of the game that must be progressed through to be able to do the initial rolls.

In Honkai Impact 3rd's case, you must progress though the entirety of Chapter 1, Act. The tutorial sections will take approximately minutes to complete. Once you have completed the first 6 stages you will do a demo roll at the end and receive Raiden Mei's Crimson Impulse battlesuit you will be able to roll in the Supply menu. Before doing that, be sure to claim all the Crystals available to you:.

Enter the Supply menu from the home screen, and then select the middle option, Supplies. Here you will be able to choose a banner to roll on. There is commonly a Focused Supply Banner running, though their contents vary.

How to Reroll

Both Standard and Focus Supply Banners provide a guarantee after 10 rolls either 10 singles, or a multi, or a combination so it is best to pick one banner and roll singles. The following roll results are generally considered very good:.

If you are aiming for a specific S rank, be prepared to do 50 or more rerolls, and about 20 if you're aiming for a specific A rank. Just remember that it is possible to get every battlesuit over time by collecting shards, so getting any A rank is generally a good start.

To start a new account, simply force close the app and restart. Tap Switch Account on the splash screen instead of tapping anywhere to enter the game with your previous account. Then follow the steps from the Initial Play section again. As long as you created a miHoYo account, or bound the account to a Facebook or Google account, you will be able to sign back into it later.

Sign In. Continuing Issues File encryption is remaining to be an issue and miHoYo has not yet offered a solution so many images will remain missing. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.Last Updated on March 31, The characteristics, equipment, attack style, and attributes of each Valkyrie are different. We have explained about acquiring these Valkyries in detail here. Best weapon and Stigma for you Valkyrie characters in the Honkai Impact 3rd game. Good at interrupting enemy attacks.

High survivability. Best weapon and Stigma for White Comet Valkyrie:. Best Weapon — Water Spirit — Type — 1. Also, see — Best Pokemon games for Android. Characteristics — Excels at constant ranged DPS, low-cost ultimate skill with the long duration. Also, see — Best action games for Android. Uses ranged gun attacks for constant DPS.

Provides support and control skills. Very high solo combat power. Easy triggering of time fractures High burst damage with the help of debuffing CC. Also, see — Best offline games for Android. This A Rank Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3rd game good at backstabbing, dealing burst damage and can summon clones. Best weapon for beginners — Crystal Edge.

Recommended weapon for advanced players — Raikir sword. Best stigma — Ekaterina T M B. Deals destructive damage to targets in the air, high DPS, suppress the enemy.

Best to fight the single enemy. Best weapon for Valkyrie Bladestrike beginners — Lightning Soul. Best Stigma — Attari series. Best Stigma — Ekaterina series. Also, see — Top new Android games Best weapon for beginners — Pulse Katana Type This A Rank Valkyrie can protect the whole team with a Mecha shield.

Best weapon for beginners — Markov Type A. This S Rank Valkyrie in Honkai Impact 3rd has a number of features; switch skill triggers Time Slow, slowing enemies within a small radius. Ultimate skill Project Bunny taunts enemies.

A Rank Valkyrie. The best weapon to equip — Nitro Crystal beginners7th Scared Relic advanced players. Middle-ranged high DPS, shield breaking.