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RC4WD 1:10 Marlin Crawlers Trail Finder 2 Mojave II RTR Body Set - RC4ZRTR0034

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Replies: 2 Views: Marlin Crawler [OP] Apr 18, Huge shout out and thanks to Marlin Crawler. Replies: 1 Views: Final 19 Sales of '19 at MarlinCrawler.

marlin crawler

Marlin CrawlerDec 13, Replies: 19 Views: Marlin Crawler [OP] Dec 31, Marlin CrawlerNov 17, Replies: 3 Views: Marlin Crawler [OP] Dec 2, Replies: 6 Views: Marlin CrawlerOct 12, Marlin Crawler [OP] Nov 2, PROS: The install was very easy to do. All I that needs to be done is remove the drivelines, cross member and transfer case.

Installed the crawl box. Then take the drivelines to a driveline shop for mods. With the crawl box now added to my rig it makes the Rubicon a breeze! Ever want to idle up and over rocks? No problem. With a 5 speed you get 15 forward gears and 3 reverse gears to choose from. You can go from blazing down the highway in 5th high range to get-out-and-walk-around-your-rig in first low-low range at an idle.

The crawl ratio was — now is low enough that in first low-low range the tires will only stop if something breaks. I drove at idle into a tree once boredom and when the front bumper hit the wheels just kept turning.

The engine only complained slightly. I would be bouncing around or the engine would die bumping up against something.

Now with the proper gears in low-low range I get to the top with no problems! Even on sandy or wet surfaces. Another nice thing is that I will be able to use low range two-wheel drive for going through tight and twisty trails.

Whereas in four-wheel drive, with a front locker, it can get hard to steer at times, but using two-wheel drive will solve that problem. The drivelines needed to get redone, which can be both a pro and a con.

RC4WD Marlin Crawler Rear Steel Tube Bumper for Trail Finder 2

The con would be the cost, but I get mine done for a good price through a shop I do a lot of business with. CONS: You have three shift levers to contend with, but you can get use to them in a short amount of time. This was not a problem for me cuz I put bucket seats previously. Also the spring clip that holds the shifter assembly into the shifter plate was missing.Post here if you are new to Rock Crawling or have a new member question that doesn't fit elsewhere!

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Last post by Goodtimeswithbuds in Re: Looking for some Asi Scary Stuff 6 recent replies For serious dog lovers and everyone else! Users active in past 60 minutes: douglasvbtacticaljimbo7405sport4x4yogrcbeersPrismoharrylarsontoyodaaddictswilsonguy. Most Online Today: Turtle Shout Box! Marlin Crawler. Technical Discussion. Vehicle Specific. Around and About. Marlin Crawler Info Center.Last Updated on March 18, It may come as no surprise that the cam tabs camber tabs on Toyotas can get bent pretty easily.

The bolts have a dial on both ends and then tabs that hold this dial in place, creating your desired alignment. The entire lower control arm LCA moves outside or inside when the camber adjustment is made.

This ultimately changes the angle between the vertical axis of the wheels.


Note: Caster is positive if the line is angled forward, and negative if backward. Positive caster pushes your wheel away from your firewall. For some good visuals on alignment, check out this Bridgestone article. Getting your truck in proper alignment specs camber, caster and toe is important for daily driving. You want to get your truck aligned after frequent off-road use and after suspension components have been changed, added or modified.

Also, alignment is a must after getting new wheels or tires installed. If you often take your truck off-road, then over time, your cam tabs can start to bend. Thus, changing that perfect alignment spec you had set.

The fix is to get your truck re-aligned. This might sound easy, but how many times can you align a truck with bent and busted camber tabs? If the cam tabs are bent beyond repair, it may be time for new cam tabs.

marlin crawler

Keep in mind, there will be a difference in alignment depending on where you go. Generally speaking the dealership or service center will align your truck differently than an off-road shop. The largest difference between a standard alignment and an off-road alignment will always be the Caster adjustment. As well as getting an absolute even camber adjustment and having toe exactly the same across the board.

The factory cam tabs bend pretty easily. This needs to be fixed. Both of these products offer an aftermarket solution to beef up your cam tabs. The Total Chaos cam tabs will replace your factory cam tabs. The install is simple. Using an air hammer, you can cut the factory cam tabs off and weld the new cam tabs in place. If your factory tabs are new or in good condition, you can slide the LCA frame brace over your factory tabs and weld the brace in place.

If your tabs are slightly bent, then just bend the tabs back in and weld the new gusset in place.

marlin crawler

Protecting the outer walls of all 8 LCA mount flanges will quadruple the thickness of each LCA flange wall and even act as an additional layer of protection from underneath as a skid plate. This kit is going to offer another level of protecting your cam tabs from deforming or bending with big hits on rocks or bottoming out while jumping. We removed our lower control arms in order to access the area, prep, weld and paint. Most of the install came down to prepping. We then cleaned and sanded down each point of contact, which there are many.

Finally, after the LCA frame brace was welded into place, we painted each flange mount and buttoned it back up. Installation retains all original alignment hardware. If you remove your LCAs, you should mark the position of each cam tab bolt and reinstall extremely close to the original alignment spec, and then once the install is complete, get an alignment. The frame braces are cleared for grease zerk access of aftermarket-style serviceable bushings, but beware of re-alignment as the newly added plate may get in the way if you are using an open-ended wrench.Moderators: lilbuddyCheesemakerCrawlerBrennan.

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Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty LCA (Lower Control Arm) Frame Brace – Camber Tab Kit

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