Mohan c lazarus daughter

After his studies in Chennaihe returned to his home town Nalumavadi in and established the Jesus Redeems Ministries. Inhe debuted in a devotional song called Message. He also released a music album called Venduthal Keatpavarae Volume As a devotional singer, he has sung many songs on Jesus Christ.

Lazarus messages are very famous among his followers. Thanks for visiting Newsbugz. For more biographiesclick here. I am a content writer at Newsbugz. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Mohan C Lazarus Images. Mohan C Lazarus Wiki. Mohan C Lazarus jesus redeems. Mohan C Lazarus Messages. Mohan C Lazarus Message. Related Topics: jesus redeems jesus redeems magazine jesus redeems promise jesus redeems youtube mohan c lazarus mohan c lazarus birthday mohan c lazarus house mohan c lazarus jesus redeems mohan c lazarus live mohan c lazarus meeting mohan c lazarus messages in tamil mohan c lazarus new message mohan c lazarus phone number mohan c lazarus tamil message mohan c lazarus testimony mohan c lazarus video mohan c lazarus youtube.

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Entertainment 2 months ago. Micro distillery for sale Boss 2 weeks ago. Bollywood 5 months ago. Entertainment 8 months ago. Entertainment 4 months ago. Latest News 4 months ago. Latest News 3 months ago.The video showing the Christian pastor from Tuticorin calling TN temples as 'houses of Satan' is being circulated on the social media.

The Coimbatore District Rural Police have filed three separate cases against the evangelist under Sections A promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and A deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs of the Indian Penal Code.

He further alleged that he made the comments during an internal meeting to other pastors and it was not in public. He was explaining the concept of religion and his speech has been quoted out of context.

Lazarus added that he has not hurt the sentiments of other communities and he will never do that. He further expressed regret if the statement made by him has hurt the sentiments of people.

mohan c lazarus daughter

The complaints against the preacher were filed by two Bharatiya Janata Party activists and a Vishwa Hindu Parishad worker from Karumathampatti, Sulur, and Pollachi in the district.

Responding to the news, advocate Rajasekaran questioned the veracity of the video and said the FIR against the pastor was motivated. Lazarus has been preaching Christianity for the last 20 years and enjoys a huge following across Tamil Nadu. For full coverage on Coronavirus pandemic, click here. Join the Times Group initiative MaskIndia.

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Sandesh Jhingan recalls first handshake with Bahiachung. India's response to pandemic swifter than US, Germany: Study. Owaisi condemns 'corona jihad' says 'Modi is my PM too'.The cases have been filed in the Karumathampatti, Sulur and Pollachi police stations in Coimbatore district.

Why does Satan have such a stronghold in TN? No other state has as many temples and Satanic structures. These are statements made by evangelist Mohan C Lazarus of the Thoothukudi based Jesus Redeems Ministries in a video that has now become viral on social media.

mohan c lazarus daughter

These statements, allegedly part of a longer hate speech has resulted in three separate cases being filed against the preacher by the Coimbatore rural police on the basis of complaints by BJP and VHP leaders. The police are yet to find the exact date of the speech and are only aware that it has been doing the rounds on social media for the last week.

But reports suggest that the video is from March They have booked the preacher under Sections A promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and A deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs of the Indian Penal Code.

He has also insulted the Kanchi Sankara mutt and the spiritual leaders there. He has also spoken badly about our rituals. This has hurt Hindus. So, I have complained and an FIR has been filed," he adds. The police at Karumathampatti tell TNM that an investigation in the matter will be carried out soon.

Loading data Skip to main content. Priyanka Thirumurthy Follow priyankathiru.Madras High Court Judge amends his own Judgment after pressure from the Christian politicians, officialdom and clergy! Is India secular? Vaidyanathan accepts request to remove observations about Christian missionaries. Justice S. Vaidyanathan agreed to delete the relevant paragraph from his verdict in a case filed by a Madras Christian College MCC professor accused of sexually harassing girls during a study tour to Karnataka in January this year.

The decision to delete was taken after the MCC counsel made a representation in open court onTuesday and urged the court to remove the observations [2].

Now, there is a general feeling amongst the parents of students, especially female students that co-educational study in Christian institutions is highly unsafe for the future of their children and though they impart good education, the preach of morality will be a million dollar question. As long as a religion is practised in streets in lieu of its worship places, like Temple, Mosque, Church, etc.

The judge readily accepted the request. He, however, retained other observations wherein he had said that several women-centric enactments had been misused to teach a lesson to men in strained relationships.

How is that Christian and Communists could sing the same song immediately? Days after Justice S. Were they not conscious about the chastity of the girls, standards of the college or the values of the Christians etc?

Regarding the observation about female students being unsafe, Dr. As such, from a cursory reading of the factual matrix in that particular case, we do not find any institutional material warranting such an observation. This has created controversy among the legal circles [8]. Valentina, State president, AIDWA, said that when the words from a judge could become a law, the baseless accusations of the judge could have a serious impact on the welfare of minorities in the current socio-political climate.

mohan c lazarus daughter

AIDWA urged that the comments be withdrawn. Can anybody ask S. Where was Valentine when those Christian professors were harassing the girls, touching their breasts and barging into their rooms? Is it OK for Valentine all such sexual acts? Ravi Santosham, president, Indian Christian Association.

Unfortunately, we are blamed and our places portrayed as unsafe. It really makes us sad. Gopalsamy, reportedly converted to Christianity, as being proclaimed by the Christian evangelist and propagandist C. Lazarasus, immediately came to question the judgment and his video has become viral.

Onthe Christians and the Communists threaten andthe Judge bends and mends. Thus, wthin days, they could achieve what they wanted or decided. Who rules India really?

தனி குடித்தனம் அவசியமா ? - Bro. Mohan C Lazarus - Kudumba Asirvadha Neram - Jesus Redeems

How much of Christian interference and how it works and all, have been proved again through this incidence. All rapists, pedophiles and other sexual charge sheeters are good : One can recall how the Sha Bano judgment was rescinded by bring another Act, just to placate Muslims and promote Muslim vote bank.

So you can forget all the crimes committed by the Christians — the murder of Abhaya, rape of nun by Mulakal, rape of children i. All have become good souls, only the affected have been unholy, satanic and dangerous. The charged, accused and other sinned Cardinal, bishops, pastors and clergy have been redeemed.Many Christian pastors have been accused of forcefully converting people of other faith, sometimes with stories of the eternal fire of damnation and sometimes with the lure of freebies.

He also claimed in a video that is being widely circulated on social media that Vaiko was reading the Bible twice a day and regularly visits the Church along with his family.

Bro Lazarusin has claimed so in this video!!!

3 cases against evangelist Mohan C Lazarus for 'promoting enmity between religions'

They are in the US, and every Sunday, they do the service of God. His wife is a Christian. Since he is in public life, he is not able to announce his new faith. Vaiko said that he had taken up the issue with Lazarus himself as such statements could have serious consequences. He was arrested in for a sedition case filed by DMK. Click to Read.

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Punjab cop questions group of men for curfew passes, finds his hand chopped off. Vaiko mohan C Lazarus Christianity. TN Bandh with Karnataka following suit will make no difference. Two women who consumed 'prasadam' at temple dead. Top Stories. Top Videos. Home India Videos Gallery.Mohan C. Lazarus was brought up according to the staunch religious tradition of his family. The inculcation was such that, he used to have combative arguments with those who spoke about Jesus.

His feeble mind could equate Jesus only with Buddha and Gandhi and not more than that. He could not comprehend the Godhood of Jesus. Moreover, the indoctrination that he imbibed had developed detestation toward Jesus and his followers alike! In his early teen age, he was severely affected by an undeciphered heart ailment. The money consuming diverse medical treatments failed to sweep away the malady; instead, his heart began to bulge out more conspicuously.

As a result, his body was paralyzed and he was confined to bed. His days were begun to be numbered. His parents prayed to every god and goddess with various vows and pledges except Jesus Christ as this very name was anathema to them.

The days were passing by and his health was deteriorating day by day. At this precarious scenario, God sent a Person to counter with him.

His parents did not oppose this man's move; for, inwardly they expected their son's cure eagerly! Even he prayed the power of God descended upon the sick boy and after the prayer, the boy slowly got up and sat on his bed. Lazarus has inspired millions of people through His uncompromising message of God's love. The Lord has used him to minister among huge multitudes of people and many with broken hearts have been blessed and delivered from their sickness, pain and sins.

His passion for Prayer shakes the Nations and his zeal for souls is incomparable. This has resulted in the sprouting of this multifaceted Ministry. Toggle navigation.

Mohan C Lazarus. Share this Page. Jesus Redeems.

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All Rights Reserved.Home About us Jesus Redeems Bro. I belong to a Hindu family. My husband is a priest in a Hindu temple. I had mental illness for 15 years, and though we spent lakhs of money and performed many rituals I wasn't healed, so I lost my peace. At this juncture, a lady known to me said, " you are suffering for 15 years without any deliverance even after taking medicines; why don't you just take part in Nalumavadi standing in the gap prayer.

God will surely heal you". So I took part in the standing in the gap intercessory prayer with faith. As I entered the shed where the prayer was going to take place, I could experience a great peace filling my heart!

I was touched by testimonies shared during the testimonial time. Touched by the testimonies, with much faith along with vows I prayed to God for my healing. God heard my prayer and delivered me from the 15 years of mental illness with complete healing. My elder daughter was not blessed with a child even after 10 years of her marriage, due to which she was in great agony; though we consulted many doctors and spent a large sum of money for medication, nothing was useful. At this juncture, as a family we took part in theintercessory prayer and went back home after praying with much burden.

God mercifully blessed my daughter's womb and graciously helped her to give birth to a girl child and then with a boy child after 10 years of waiting. God has blessed us with double measure of goodness. A tumour developed on the left breast of my wife. The Doctor diagnosed and said that the tumour appeared to be problematic one so they took a sample of the tumour for biopsy. Meanwhile, I took part in the intercessory prayer and prayed with great faith that God would immediately perform a miracle!

After prayer, I immediately came out and made a call to know the condition of my wife.

Bro. Mohan C Lazarus

God honored my faith and graciously helped me hear that the tumour had disappeared even before we could receive the medical report.

Prasanna Kottar. When my wife was 7 and half months pregnant we went for a regular check-up to the doctor. They said that they could not get the baby's heart beat, which meant that there was a chance of premature delivery. Only the mother could be saved for even if the baby was born, it would have some abnormality.

In that condition, we contacted the 24 hours Jesus Redeems telephone ministry and asked them to pray. God heard the prayer and graciously helped my wife give birth to a mature healthy baby without any deficiency, causing no danger to the mother. God wiped away our tears!. Contact Us! Our Location. All Rights Reserved.