Toyota caldina common problems

toyota caldina common problems

The Toyota Caldina is an automobile manufactured by Toyota for the Japanese market and was released on It replaced the Toyota Carina Surf. While the Caldina has never been officially exported by Toyota outside of Japan, its 4WD capability and large capacity have made it a popular used-car import in rural South America, such as the dusty roads of Bolivia.

These vehicles have been converted to left hand drive. The original Toyota Caldina was the 5-door wagon or commercial van version of the four-door sedan Toyota Corona in Japan.

The wagon has independent strut rear suspension while the commercial wagon has semi-independent leaf springs. Used Toyota Caldina Toyota Caldina pictures Picture examples Year of Toyota Caldina Join the Toyota Forum 2nd Generation Sharing a platform with Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio, the Caldina is the Japanese version of Toyota Avensis wagon. A refresh was given in with new bumpers and lamps with a refreshed interior.

Engines for lesser models are the 1. The all-new Caldina of September is a pure sports wagon, and does not share body panels with Allion, Premio, and Avensis. Engines for the Caldina are 1. Trim levels are 1. All models have automatic transmission. Minor refresh was given in January With the discontinuation of Celica, the Caldina was one of sportiest Toyota models sold in Japan. Production of the 3rd generation Caldina ended in Car Pictures Gallery. Caldina GT4 is also widely available as imported recondition cars in Malaysia.Toyota 3S is one of the most mass produced motors of Toyota S-series.

The production of 3S started in on the basis of 2S cylinder block. The diameter of 3S cylinders is up to 86 mm. Toyota 3S also has a new crankshaft with a piston stroke of 86 mm. The replace of cylinder head by a 16 valve twincam has greatly improved the engine performance.

As there are no hydraulic lifters on the 3S engine, you need to adjust the valves every 20, miles 30, km of mileage. Valve clearances for a cold engine are as follows: inlet 0. The timing gear uses a belt requiring replacement every 60, mileskm of mileage. There were also some other S engine versions produced on the basis of Toyota 3S: 1. Toyota 3S, however, has not been completely superseded until Over the long period of production, Toyota 3S has been corrected, modified and improved.

Below you will find a detailed overview of each version. The compression ratio is 9. It is the main 3S engine. Two ignition coils are used there.

toyota caldina common problems

The compression ratio of 3S-FE is 9. Variable valve timing technology VVTi with an inlet valve, variable intake system, modified pistons, altered injectors and spark plugs, electronic throttle body, valve EGR were installed on that engine. The 3S-FE compression ratio was 9. The main problems are connected with the high pressure fuel pump HPFP failures, EGR failures, inlet manifold demanding a regular scour.

Besides, there can be some problems connected with the catalytic converter, fuel injectors demanding a constant care and scour, and spark plugs condition demanding a constant control, etc.

During the whole period of its production, the motor underwent changes five times: 4. The power of such an engine has increased to HP at 6, rpm. The engine is equipped with a variable length intake manifold ACIS. Its camshafts have the following features: duration deg, lift 8.Over the years the Avensis has seen 3 generations, with each receiving a new facelift to keep the look of this vehicle up with the times.

Each successive iteration has seen Toyota add new features such as adaptive cruise control and front lighting systems. However, no vehicle gets off completely scot-free. There are a few issues that worry rather than plague the Avensis so be on your guard against the following faults when considering purchasing a second hand vehicle. You might have to get up pretty early in the morning to catch this one. Condensation can build up in the headlightsespecially at the cold break of day.

Fortunately even if you do spot this issue in a potential purchase, it is simple enough to solve. To resolve this problem you are probably looking at taking out the whole unit and replacing it, which could be a costly enough problem to take your eyes elsewhere.

The good old diesel particulate filter gets clogged up pretty quickly on the Avensis. Fortunately the main cause of this will usually be down to the owner not getting out on the open road enough, where the car can get up to the required speed to clear out the filter.

See if the owner will let you take it out for a good minutes on the dual carriageway at 50 plus mph and the problem may just clear. One of the recalls that affected the Avensis concerned a problem with the steering column, which caused a rattling noise when cornering.

Most vehicles that suffered from this fault were taken in and fixed under warranty, but nonetheless you should remain vigilant in case your potential purchase slipped through the net. Another Avensis recall concerned an imbalance in the braking.

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This should have been fixed by the service centre but you may want to check the service history to see if your potential purchase was affected by this fault.

Do your proper due diligence too and check that all the braking distances are as expected when out on the open road. When out on the test drive get the Avensis up to a nice cruising speed. Now keep one ear open for a whining or grinding sound coming from the front of the car. The most likely cause? Issues with the clutchwhich is known to wear out prematurely. The EGR valve on the Avensis is prone to blockages. If you do want to purchase a second hand Toyota with these symptoms, then you should be able to clear the fault quite quickly by giving the valve a good clean.

VAT No.The wagon has independent strut rear suspension while the commercial wagon has semi-independent leaf springs. The second generation Caldina is the Japanese version of the European Avensis wagon, launched in Japan in The Aerial version features a large sunroof and contoured roof racks as standard. The mostly-plastic interior was also updated.

Inan extra lug was added to the turbo manifold to prevent the manifold from warping which had been a common issue on GT-T models. Engines for lesser models are the 1. Reliability and maintenance issues combined with relative obscurity, hampered perceived resale values of the GT-T in countries outside Japan, making the GT-T a very cheap people carrier in grey markets like Australia.

The third generation Caldina launched in September is a pure sports wagon and does not share body panels with Allion, Premio and Avensis. Engines for the Caldina are 1. Trim levels are 1. All models have an automatic transmission and the GT-Four model only comes in a tiptronic transmission. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Japan: Toyota, Aichi Tsutsumi plant [3]. Shogo Tokutake and Tetsu Endo [4]. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Toyota Caldina.A sporty wagon with a little more oomph than expected, the Toyota Caldina is a family-friendly vehicle. The Caldina was a rather sporty little wagon for the fifteen years that Toyota kept it in production. Each of its three generations seemed to do quite well and it became a popular and reliable vehicle for small families.

The second and third generations sought to improve the Caldina from how it was in the preceding generation. Availability of options were further increased with the third generation, and existing features were given a good polish and update. Taller drivers find that it offers more than enough leg room—a feature that is sometimes compromised in other vehicles, family-oriented or otherwise. It offers seating for five, plus cargo space for luggage and whatever else a family needs to get around in their day-to-day.

Most Caldina owners kept their cars well maintained, so most used ones are in fairly good condition considering that the model was discontinued almost a decade ago. The design was given new life with Scion, who has included many of its features and basic form in their current models. The Caldina actually went above and beyond the expectations for most wagon-style vehicles, offering a lot more power than what is traditionally found with a wagon. The Caldina first entered into production in the early s, so there are a lot of issues that drivers will encounter that are strictly due to age.

The first generation Caldinas, for example, were nothing to write home about and are prone to a lot of problems. The manifold on first generation Caldinas have been known to warp, especially in GT-T model Caldinas.

toyota caldina common problems

Some of the parts that are universal to all generations of the Caldina seem to have a shorter lifespan than others, with many drivers reporting repeated replacements to the same part during ownership. Mechanic work for Caldinas can be pricey, not just because of the frequency that repairs need to be done. By the time that production stopped inthe availability of replacement parts for the Caldina were already being limited.

Toyota still offers replacement parts for the Caldina, but they are often ridiculously expensive and can take time for owners to get. Buying parts from a third-party does work on occasion and they do tend to be a much cheaper option, but it can be especially difficult to find reliable working parts for the Caldina. A major complaint with the Caldina is that it lacks the proper amount of space for it to be truly comfortable for as many people as it claims it can carry.

The leg room may accommodate taller passengers, but it lacks in general headroom.The first in the displacement range is the 2. Its predecessor is the 3S-FE.

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The engine includes many advanced technologies for that period. The 1AZ has aluminum cylinder block with cast iron liners. It features offset cylinder and crank centers. The engine got the forged steel crankshaft, fully balanced by eight counterweights. The crankshaft is attached to the block by five main bearings. Between first and second bearings there is a gear driven two balancing shafts in the lower aluminum crankcase.

The applying of balancing shafts was a big step in the reduction of engine vibration. Helical gears are made from polymeric material for the reduction of noise. On top of the block, there is aluminum DOHC valve cylinder head. The intake camshaft is equipped with VVT-i system Toyota variable valve timing systemaltering timing by 50 deg. A single-stage roller timing chain drives camshafts. The angle between intake valves and exhaust valves is Intake valve diameter is Valve lift is 8.

There are no hydraulic lifters. The engine equipped with the sequentially injected fuel system. Each fuel injectors has twelve small injection holes 0. The intake manifold is made of plastic. The exhaust manifold and catalytic converter is one unit. The 1AZ engine has higher efficiency and fuel economy, low noise and vibration levels, lightweight and compact design, and excellent reliability compared to the predecessor.

The engine has the older brother - the 2AZ-FE engine. The common problem for the AZ series engine is cylinder head bolt threads wear out in cylinder blocks produced until Vibration on idle rpm on rpm is typical for the 1AZ.

A clogged EGR valve causes unstable engine revs, lost in power, etc. Bad fuel can lead to the high-pressure fuel pump or fuel injector damages. Toyota doesn't give any chance to rebuild the cylinder block, but it is pretty reliable and long about k miles easy. Direct fuel injection engine version features Toyota's D-4 direct injection system and a compression ratio of The engine produces hp kW at rpm with lbft Nm of torque at rpm. Engine Specs Manufacturer. Production years. Cylinder block material.

Cylinder head material. Fuel type. Number of cylinders. Valves per cylinder.Buy me a coffee :. Motoring Message Board. What the common faults that the caldina gtt have?

Custom manifold much cheaper. Plus it is 14 years old. Will fall apart soonif it hasn't already. Thirsty also. Im starting to think the age of a car is relevant. I had a GTT caldina, i was kinda underwhelmed by the whole experience. For the price a GTT is going to cost that hasn't been boy raced I would be looking at something else.

I think age isn't all that relevant. Does everything on the vehicle work, get an inspection by your garage, how does it drive, any service history. Age is relevant.

Toyota Caldina

After a while things get older and start failing. Just like a human body. The main issue being that they are hideous. Nearly as ugly as a Stagea. Depends entirely on the car, nor is all younger cars problem free. My work hack is a 80's car that just goes and goes and does not have any issues. But really make a judgement on each car on a case by case basis.

Just because a car is younger does not mean its better, get a mechanical inspection if in doubt. They are relatively modern cars, I'd much rather have a older well serviced car than have one that is being abused and neglected that is much younger.

Sure when it gets really really old you may have to replace the odd thing. But when its too uneconomic to fix,then get rid of it. But yes eventually all cars reach the point of being a money pit but a late 90's cars is hardly old. Since the public registrations are closed, you must have an invite from a current member to be able to register and post in this thread. Have an account? Login here. Share this thread.