Watchdog led

Pages: [1] 2 3 4. Tutorial: Basic Watchdog Timer Setup. For those of you looking for a basic understanding of the watchdog timer I have written a simple guide on how to go about setting one up Thanks very much for your feedback!

The serial. Quote from: Coding Badly on Jun 10,pm. The millis overflow can be neatly handled like this: Code: [Select]. Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Hi, just wondering whether I could use this on my Arduino Mega board?

Dont know what kinda bootloader it has. Also, did I understand it right that this is a pure software Watchdog without external ICs like a ? Thx Thorsten. AWOL Guest. But can I use it with my Mega board or is that not compatible? Quote from: currymuetze on Jul 01,pm. Jimxbob correctly pointed out to me a few oversights of mine so FYI: Quote. Currently the mega will lock up and need to be powered down if you use the watchdog timer. The bootloader on it has the same problem the older bootloaders had.

You might mention that in the file just to avoid the mails and questions that may be coming your way. As the my prayer request above may have indicated, I've been avoiding the wdt on the mega board because the bootloader doesn't initialize it properly. The board would hang up in a loop, requiring a power cycle to recover. That meant that I had to fake a watchdog using timer 3 on the board.

That was not a very satisfactory solution especially since the watchdog should be able to do this job. Well, your description got me to thinking and I came up with a solution that uses the watchdog AND allows me to have a much longer watchdog timer.

This is exactly the solution I needed to free up timer three and put the job back on the watchdog like it should be. I still can't use WDE, but that problem is easy to work around.

Here's the code if you want to include it at some point or just to expand your example. Nice job.

What is the watchdog and how to use it

Thanks very much for the feedback draythomp- Ive only got UNOs sitting on my desktop at home which is why I haven't encountered any of the problems you guys how to break the egg on make money app bringing up. I may update the tutorial at some stage or another but for now the forum thread is short enough for someone to be able to skim and make changes at a glance - great timer work-around!

I presume you only added the Serial in the WDT interrupt to debug and get some sort of feedback - Ive never encountered any problems but just be aware if serial happened to be the function that caused the board to malfunction and prompt a WDT interrupt, It may cause the interrupt to hang if you bring up serial in the interrupt and you will never get around to resetting the board.

Thanks again for the feedback! Such contributions are what make forums such great mediums. Any examples codes for this?By Dave Lieber.

watchdog led

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watchdog led

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STM32F4Discovery Toggle LED using the Systick timer with Coocox

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When we enable the watchdog, during normal operation, we need to reset it. But watchdog timer can also be used like a timer that wakeup the microcontroller after a certain time, by using its interrupt. So we can put to sleep the microcontroller, save power energy, and then wake up the microcontroller with the watchdog set to certain time. If we are using a battery, when we turn off the LED and then we wait for 1 sec, we only waste energy.

Take a look of the Datasheet of the Attiny When the micro is in active mode — while we wait and the LED is turned off — it consumes uA. Otherwise, if we put in sleep the microcontroller — specifically in power-down mode — it only consumes 0. If the micro is in standby who wake up it? We need to push some buttons to fire an interrupt? Well, we have created the function waitSleep where we can indicate how many seconds we want to sleep.

We are using this function instead of the delay function. The waitSleep function counts the number how seconds we want to sleep. This because the watchdog timer can be set in different timing. In this case we have set the watchdog to fire every 1 sec. So, every second the waitSleep function call the goSleep function that set the watchdog, disable all the unnecessary peripherals an go to sleep. If the microcontroller goes to sleep for the seconds that we have set, the code return to turn ON the LED.

Every time we have a watchdog interrupt, this bit is set to 1 by the microcontroller. So we need to clear it to make the interrupt works again. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Today I want to talk about a particular dog. If we use battery we can save a lot of power! Take a look of the Datasheet of the Attiny84 What my eyes see??? Really 0. Well, now the question is: If the micro is in standby who wake up it?

We can use the watchdog timer interrupt to wake up the microcontroller after certain time! Well, but how we set the watchdog and, more important, how we set its timer value?

We need to read the Datasheet. Well, know we can use WD to save energy. Share Tweet Share. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Products KeyChainino V3 Rated 5. Rated 5. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Accept Read More.A watchdog is a timer that, when not reset before expiring, triggers the reset of the system [1] that is monitoring. In our case, the system will be the ESP microcontroller.

So, the main program needs to periodically reset the watchdog timer, to prevent the reset of the CPU and keep working normally. In those locking cases, the watchdog is not reset and, when it expires, resets the system. This concept is of extreme importance, specially in microcontrollers, which may be affected by environmental conditions such as electrical noise, which can cause hardware malfunction that locks the execution.

ESP8266: Watchdog functions

The ESP has 2 watchdogs, one implemented in hardware and another in software [3]. The board can also be bought at eBay here. In order to access the watchdog functions on the ESP, we have the EspClasswhich can be analysed in more detail here. We can access the functionality of this class by using an extern variable called ESP, which is declared here in the libraries.

Although this disables the software watchdog, the hardware watchdog will still remain active, causing a reset after some time.

watchdog led

As indicated in the comments of the wdtDisable method, if we stop the software watchdog by more that 6 seconds, the hardware watchdog will trigger. This is approximately what I got when testing it. We can re-enable the software watchdog by calling the wdtEnable method, as indicated bellow. In order to explicitly restart the watchdog, we can call the wdtFeed method, specified here.

To trigger the hardware watchdog, we just need to disable the software watchdog timer and do an infinite loop. We can do all of these actions in the setup function, as indicated bellow. Note that we will do an infinite loop with a while loop. After uploading the code, open the serial port to check the output. When the watchdog fires, a crash log is printed to the serial port, as indicated in the figure 1. Figure 1 — Crash log of the hardware watchdog reset.

As indicated in the figure, there is a mention to the cause wdt reset and the reset cause has the number 4, which corresponds to the hardware watchdog reset [4]. You can check other reset code here. This result is consistent with the indicated in this document. In order to trigger the software watchdog reset, we just use the same code as before and remove the disabling of the software watchdog enabled by default.

In this case, after uploading the code and opening the serial port, we will just get the result illustrated in figure 2, when the software watchdog triggers. Figure 2 — Crash log of the software watchdog reset.We reviewed dozens of LED lanterns to identify the best of the best. We looked at light strength, length of hours per charge, durability, and extra features such as USB charging. All of these products can be found online at Amazon. The amount of lighting modes, the extra D ring that allows for multiple ways to hang the lantern, and the battery life all make this LED lantern an excellent choice.

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